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Risperdal (risperidone) is a medication that is used to treat schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and irritability associated with autism.


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Risperdal – Risperidone – 1mg/2mg/3mg/4mg

  • Brand: Risdone Sizodon
  • Manufacturer:
  • Disease: Schizophrenia / Bipolar Disorder / Autism

It belongs to a class of medications called atypical antipsychotics. Risperdal works by affecting the activity of certain chemicals in the brain.

Risperdal is available as tablets and liquid suspension. The usual dose for adults with schizophrenia is between 1 mg and 6 mg per day, taken once or twice daily. The usual dose for adults with bipolar disorder is 2 mg to 4 mg per day, taken once or twice daily. For children with autism spectrum disorders who are older than 5 years of age, the starting dose is 0.25 mg per day given in two divided doses; the maximum recommended dose is 0.5 mg per day given in two divided doses.

Frequently asked Questions

Can Risperdal cause permanent damage?

It works by changing the actions of chemicals in the brain. Risperdal can be used alone or with other medications.

Common side effects of risperidone include: drowsiness, dizziness, tiredness, constipation, dry mouth, and weight gain. Rare but serious side effects include: tardive dyskinesia (a movement disorder), neuroleptic malignant syndrome (a life-threatening reaction), and prolactinoma (a tumor of the pituitary gland).

It is important to take risperidone exactly as prescribed by your doctor. Do not stop taking it without talking to your doctor first.

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