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Aygestin 5 mg tablet

Geneic Aygestin (Norethindrone Acetate) is a medication used to treat heavy menstrual bleeding and endometriosis.


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Aygestin 5 mg tablet

  • Brand(s): Swilut-N
  • Manufacturer: Ind-Swift Laboratories Ltd.
  • Disease(s): Endometriosis / Amenorrhea
  • Known as: Aygestin / Jolivette / Nor-QD / Norlutate / Norlutin / Ortho Micronor

It is a progestin-only pill, which means that it contains only one type of hormone (progesterone). Aygestin comes in tablet form and is taken by mouth. It is usually taken once daily, but may be taken twice daily if needed.

Aygestin works by suppressing the production of hormones in the body that are responsible for causing menstrual bleeding and endometriosis symptoms. By doing this, Aygestin can help to reduce or stop these symptoms from occurring. Additionally, Aygestin can also help to thin the lining of the uterus, which may improve fertility in women who are trying to conceive.
Common side effects associated with Aygestin include: headache, nausea, breast tenderness/pain/swelling, bloating/fluid retention, mood swings or changes in sex drive), vaginal discharge or itching/burning sensation when urinating), hair loss or scalp tenderness/itching/.


The recommended dosage of Aygestin for treating these conditions varies depending on the individual’s medical history and response to treatment. Generally, the starting dose of Aygestin for endometriosis is 5 mg per day, taken by mouth. If this dose does not provide relief from symptoms, the dosage may be increased up to 15 mg per day. For abnormal uterine bleeding, the starting dose of Aygestin is 2.5 mg per day, taken by mouth. If this dose does not provide relief from symptoms, the dosage may be increased up to 10 mg per day.

Frequently asked Questions

What is Aygestin prescribed for?

Aygestin is an medication that is used to treat various conditions, including endometriosis, abnormal uterine bleeding, and cancer of the uterus. It is a type of hormone therapy known as a progestin. Aygestin works by causing the body to produce less estrogen. This helps to reduce the symptoms associated with these conditions.

Does Aygestin make you gain weight?

Some women who take the medication do not experience any weight gain, while others report modest weight gain. It is possible that some factors, such as a woman’s metabolism or diet, may affect how much weight she gains while taking Aygestin. However, it is generally recommended that women trying to avoid gaining weight should avoid taking this medication.

How long can you stay on Aygestin?

It is safe for most women to take Aygestin for up to six months at a time. However, it is always important to consult with your doctor before starting or stopping any medication, including Aygestin. Your doctor will be able to best assess your individual situation and help you make the decision about whether or not taking Aygestin is right for you. If you have been takingAygestinis safely for more than six months but feel like you would like to stop taking it, talk with your doctor about slowly tapering off the medication instead of abruptly stopping it. This will help minimize any potential side effects associated.

Specification: Aygestin 5 mg tablet


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  1. Mary K.

    Hey everyone! I’m here to talk about a birth control pill that I’ve been using for a while now called Aygestin. This pill has really helped me regulate my periods and keep them under control. It’s also been great for helping me not get pregnant, which is obviously a huge plus. If you’re looking for an effective and affordable birth control option, I would definitely recommend checking out Aygestin!

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    Aygestin 5 mg tablet

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